Has it really been over a year since I posted here last? Holy crap! Guess I have been busy.

I think this is the longest I have went without posting on here. Not that I am not actively posting news just that it is not done here. A few updates. Rift for all its awesomeness is done. I have not logged in in several weeks and likely will not do so anytime soon. EQ2 is back in my play cycle oddly enough. Been over a year since I played last and never actually thought I would play again. Strange times. 🙂

Rift is the most fun in and MMO I have had in a long time. And so far I would say the MMO with the biggest guild presence in a long time. We have more active members than any other game since AC2. Why? Because Rift is a blast!


So far my Warrior at 42 is my main. He has four roles which he can swap in and out of given the situation.  My Rogue is 23 and has three roles. Cleric is only 11 but has two roles and is awaiting the ability to get the rest of his souls.


If you have not give Rift a try go do it. Right now! 🙂

Hit level 20 in Rift last night at 12:30am. So far the game rocks. The leveling is fun, first dungeon was awesome, customization and tweaking of builds kick ass. If you are looking for a new MMO to play I suggest you give Rift a shot. You will not be sorry.


Cannot wait to get home and log in!




I know it will be busy and there may be server issues. The guild may end up changing servers as well. I still want to be home playing Rift rather than be at work.

My return to WoW back in the Fall lasted a month past the Cata expansion. It was a fun journey and hitting the then cap of level 80 was great. The gearing up through the DF was fun the first time but a drag the second when I was gearing my Boomkin side. Cata was quite fun, being able to level my Druid again rather than gear my Druid was worth it but at some point the train fell off the tracks. Seeing all that purple gear I had run dungeons over and over for being replaced by green quest items made me sad. Realizing when I hit 85 I would be back to running DF over and over to gain the new purple gear made me facepalm and cancel my sub. I know a game has to have something for level capped people to do to keep them playing but I prefer running around the wilds of the world doing quests in order to achieve this rather than running a few dungeons over and over. I actually would have liked a way to gain the emblems you need to get the better gear from completing quests. Replace XP on quests when you hit the level cap with emblems. Even if I gained them at a slower rate it would have been progress. Oh well. Can’t please everyone.


So with WoW canceled where does that leave me? Waiting for Rift to start of course. Rift the next big thing in MMO’s. Pre-ordered based on the Guild’s beta experiences and from what I have learned from playing the last couple of betas it was worth it. A fun game that looks to have lots of things to do and tweak. We shall see in a week or so when it actually goes live. 🙂

Snowmageddon fizzled here in Simcoe. While the snow we got was heavy(snow blower paid for itself last night) the amount was about a third of what they were calling for. It was nasty out but it was no Chicago.

Here it is shortly after 9pm Tuesday night. Snow has stopped but the wind has picked up. Is this the so called calm before the storm? Will we wake up in the morning to a blizzard? Guess we will find out.

Hope all of you have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Over a month since my last post. Oops. Ah well, not a lot of exciting stuff happening. We decorated and lit up the outside of our house a couple of weeks ago and last night continued decorating the inside. Tree is up, village is done. Still more to do but the house definitely looks like Christmas. 🙂